The modern online marketplace processes millions of customer asset transactions every day. Unfortunately, transactions are not always legal. In this case, they make the interaction between all participants in network transactions unsafe.

AML technology is the main tool in the fight against fraud in any form. It is aimed specifically at money laundering and financing of banned organizations. The team of our company understands the responsibility that is assigned to the service. Safety is the main priority of our service. For this reason, we carry out a thorough due diligence of individuals and legal entities, bringing foreign exchange transactions to a new level of trust. Every day, thousands of clients complete transactions with complete peace of mind, knowing that their assets are under a secure lock.

1.Methods of combating illegal foreign exchange transactions

Service Hill.Money carefully analyzes current cybersecurity trends . Practice-proven technologies are being introduced into the operation of the site.

In addition to them, the administration uses other effective methods of struggle. This allows you to maximize the protection of clients" assets from dubious transactions. Identity verification is one such method.

To check the user, the service has the right to request:

  • a photograph of a foreign passport in an open form;
  • local identity document issued by the user"s country;
  • a communal pay slip with a registered place of residence, received no later than 6 months from the date of the request;
  • driver"s license;
  • snapshot of a credit card.

In addition to the listed samples, the service may require other types of documents. This is necessary in cases where it is necessary to obtain permission for transactions with large amounts. You also need to prepare your own photo with a passport and credit card - selfie .

Important: the administration of the service considers only those sent copies that are presented in a readable form. Documents in poor quality, as well as deliberately distorted fragments will not be accepted for consideration. In this case, the identity procedure will be considered failed , and the user will not be able to conduct activity on our service.

It is strictly forbidden to distort personal data, send other people"s documents, etc. The system will automatically reject such a request and the identity verification procedure will need to be repeated. Only reliable information is accepted for consideration.

We are loyal to small mistakes that were made by the client unconsciously or due to inattention. The user will always be able to report a mistake to the administration of the site. This will not be a reason for immediate re-identification of the person. Together with honest participants, you can always find a solution to any situation. Only those who hide illegal intentions should be afraid, since their goals will certainly be revealed.

2.AML check

This method can be called complex. It is carried out both on a mandatory basis and for preventive purposes.

During user identification, information from documents issued by government agencies or other verified sources is used. This allows us to avoid certificates from private, unknown firms, which are easy to fake. Additionally sent government-issued documents complicate the possibility of their intentional distortion. A photograph, alphanumeric sequences, as well as banking information do not allow hiding real personal data. Moreover, bank card carriers, as well as information related to them, are stored in open sources of tax services.

The multi-stage verification of our service is based on a number of rules:

  1. Analysis for the presence of a user in the black lists of the European Union. This is due to the sanctions that the EU leadership punishes individuals and legal entities for various violations. Finding a potential candidate in these lists excludes the appearance and activity of such a user on our site. Cooperation with him is prohibited.
  2. Financial transactions on the service are allowed only to honest, transparent clients. The company motivates such users with favorable terms of cooperation. On the other hand, the client himself is interested in proving his openness to our service, because this is a guarantee of his own security.
  3. Attempts to hide, distort or deliberately lie about the information requested by the administration are regarded as fraud. Hiding data that has changed since the last identity confirmation is considered a gross violation and leads to automatic blocking of the client"s personal account. From this moment on, any transactions with assets will be stopped without compensation for losses.
  4. Confirmed facts of fraud, as well as complete information about the transactions made, are transmitted by the security service of the site to the relevant authorities. Users" personal assets are blocked until further notice from the investigation.

User activity on our platform is not limited to a one-time check. On a 24/7 basis, our staff monitors the transactions of all participants and compliance with potentially ineligible transactions. The attention of specialists is attracted by non-standard, suspicious financial transactions at different levels of execution. We reserve the right to block any transaction that carries a hidden risk to the security of the platform and the financial community. Further actions with assets are carried out in strict accordance with international rules.

Note that data on completed transactions is not deleted. They are stored on the company"s servers in a protected form, which excludes their transfer to unauthorized access. This is necessary for law enforcement agencies (based on a court decision, information is sent for verification).

3.Advanced identity verification

Hill.Money service reserves the right to initiate an extended user verification according to the international methodology. This procedure is aimed at analyzing the specified information by the client, as well as his activities. The technique is applied to potentially unsafe clients that perform suspicious activity within the service.

Any danger from the client"s transactions leads to the blocking of transactions and the freezing of his assets. These situations include:

  1. Persons involved or participating in bandit groups, terrorist organizations. Money laundering traces also indicate misconduct on the part of the client. The Company does not cooperate with such users and does not accept their registration, however, if such a participant enters our platform, he will be immediately blocked. Assets, as well as losses incurred due to access restrictions, are not compensated to the owners.
  2. Participants are required to provide truthful information about the source of their funds. If the information is contradictory, then the cooperation is automatically terminated.
  3. Users who intentionally impersonate other citizens receive a ban , and their personal accounts are permanently deleted. The Service will report such activity to the competent authorities with the transfer of all available personal information of the user (including his contacts with other participants).
  4. Strange, illogical, financially unjustified transactions with assets arouse suspicion on the part of the service employees and the algorithms of the platform itself. If the user cannot explain such transactions, they will be blocked until details are clarified.

Please note that a client who is unable to explain the origin of his assets or a specific currency transaction immediately falls into the category of unreliable. Any user whose motives are absolutely transparent will be able to clearly tell the administration the sources of his deposit. On our part, inaccuracies in the explanations make us doubt the honesty of the client, which leads to further complications in cooperation. We strongly do not recommend intentionally distorting such information, since this threatens not only with the blocking of funds, but also with litigation.

The company constantly upgrades the internal security system. This is due to the constant attempts of scammers to circumvent the described rules for using the site. Our employees respond quickly to such situations. We regularly conduct trainings for specialists, thereby increasing the security of the service.

4.Obligations of platform participants

In order to freely use the functions of our site, each participant must familiarize himself with a number of rules and accept them. These include the following:

  1. The client confirms that he is not a highly paid government official, a prominent person in his country. In a family and friendly environment there are no people who can influence the adoption of political and other important decisions at the state level. Close people include: direct relatives, brothers, sisters, nephews and permanent cohabitants.
  2. The client is the sole owner of its assets or the owner of a law firm.
  3. The user understands and accepts the fact that any actions on the site are performed only on his behalf. The use of third parties, intermediaries in transactions is strictly prohibited.
  4. The Client understands and accepts the fact that the activity on the online service is carried out independently. The participant acts personally, does not represent the interests of other users or groups of people.
  5. Any changes related to personal information, activity on the site, as well as other important information, the user undertakes to transfer to the company"s specialist by e-mail.
  6. The user undertakes to use the service only in legal foreign exchange transactions. The client is not involved in online crime, asset fraud, real estate fraud and other illegal and prohibited activities. The user"s activity is not associated with sects, religious radicals and other organizations that pose a danger to the community.

One of the points of obligatory execution for clients is the observance of the rules of polite attitude towards other participants. Any attempts at conflicts, personal insults, as well as inciting hatred on the basis of social, racial, religious affiliation are suppressed by the administration. Only polite members are welcome on our platform.

It is important to familiarize the client with the local laws of the country of which he is a citizen. If the state prohibits gambling and any related services, then the administration will not allow currency transactions to be carried out within this service. Therefore, we support local laws and take all measures to comply with them.

5.In conclusion

Hill.Money service does not register and does not cooperate with persons:

  • under 18 years of age;
  • acting through third parties or representing the interests of the first;
  • who did not provide the necessary amount of data for identity verification according to AML technology ;
  • seen in provocations or conflicts with other subjects;
  • who provided documents confirming their illegal intentions;
  • under international sanctions;
  • who are acquaintances or cooperating with other persons convicted of fraudulent schemes in the foreign exchange market;
  • who are citizens of or have acquaintances of citizens from countries included in the list of high-risk areas.

Compliance with the described rules is a prerequisite for cooperation between the user and the service. The Company does not make exceptions in the course of fulfilling obligations. It is important that the clients fully understand the rules. In case of incomprehensible situations or questions, the site has a support service that will always come to the aid of users.